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We've been struggling with investors and looking for financial support for almost a year now. Without it, it is not manageable to develop Hush nor keep our team running.


HUSH's concept art is beautifully thought out and designed in a way that decidedly provides you with the best visual experience

Not just a game
an eye on perfection

There’s three essential components when designing a video game and we put them all together, as one, to deliver the best experience







Engaging tale
beautiful plot line

Play as Ashlyn, a brave little girl that ended up trapped in an mysterious old orphanage. Ashlyn must learn how to take advantage from this dark place and its inhabitants.

She will have to overcome her fears if she ever hopes to escape from the dangers confined to this building. During her path to the breakout she can only rely on her little friend Gogo™ and other toys for help.

Outstanding art
2D to 3D at it’s finest

From concept art to 3D graphics, the whole visual component has been beautifully designed to deliver one exceptional experience

Icing on the cake

Gameplay merges both concept and visual graphics in one single piece, it makes Hush even better

26 days to go

Fund Hush and get exclusive awesome rewards


The game
+ Digital art book


Previous rewards
+ beta access


Previous rewards
+ signed t-shirt


Previous rewards
+ Gogo plush toy

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